Seattle – What to see and do!

One of my favourite cities in the states is Seattle. It is neatly tucked away in a corner and often overlooked but a wonderful place to experience and visit. In my opinion it has all the best qualities of a city – great art scene, awesome food, unique landmarks, independent stores and the sea. Walking around Seattle you will notice how cool everyone is but they don’t rub it in your face like other cities haha, it’s kind of a more mutual ‘yeah it’s great here’ vibe but without being an asshole. This time I was only in Seattle for a day so I snapped a few photos but when I go again I’ll be sure to add more to this post.

Every time I visit I always go see the gum wall. Right under Pike Place is an alley/cobbled road that houses walls and walls of gum. I have no idea how this started, how regularly it is cleaned or how old it is but I love it. I’m sure some people are disgusted by it but I think it’s awesome. I like collections and one that is shared among all these chewing people is cool. I definitely donated to the cause haha and went as high up as I could. On this trip I noticed that people are now sticking their business cards which is pretty neat. If anything it makes for a great backdrop for some #nofilter photos.

Just above that is Pike Place Market. This is a great area to explore, grab some food and do some shopping. The market is very big but the streets surrounding it are also full of boutiques and stalls (it never ends). Right at the start is the fish market and the guys who work there put on mini-shows and throw the fish to one another – there are tons of videos on YouTube if you don’t understand. An interesting place to eat is The Crumpet Shop just round the corner. Warning – they are not as good as English crumpets but a good attempt (that’s all I’m going to say). Another must-see in the area is the very first and original Starbucks, how vintage.

If you escape the tourism cluster there are some great neighbourhoods to check out. First up is Fremont which is an artsy/hipish area. The shops are very bohemian and the food is affordable and delicious. If you go then you must say hi to the troll for me. He lives under the bridge and loves getting visitors – he has mastered the perfect selfie. A little bit along from Fremont is Gas Works Park. It is on the site of a former gasification plant and many of the structures still remain. They’re still adding more to it including a children’s play area but for now the green hills are lovely to relax and read on. The view of downtown is also incredible and totally undisturbed.

To stick with views I love the Seattle skyline as it is pretty unique to other cities. I think the Space Needle gives it such a futuristic vibe. I have never been to the top but I’ve visited the base area with the gift shop. For me I’d rather not go to the top and see the skyline as the needle is such an important part of the skyline (did that make any sense). These photos were taken from Volunteer Park which is in Capitol Hill. That’s another a) very cool park with a fun reservoir, gardens and towers and b) a really great neigbourhood to go drinking and sit in a coffee shop and pretend to work.

Alas a short but sweet post on Seattle. If you’re thinking of heading there maybe combine it with a trip to Portland or go north to BC. If you have any questions feel free to ask away and in the meantime I’ll see you in a few days!


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